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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is probably a term most business owners hear and shudder. Chances are you've engaged with an SEO Agency before and at the end of it have all you have to show for is a few fancy reports and an empty bank account, sound familiar? We at JBE Digital understand this and will be clear and transparent from the get go, SEO is a long term strategy and does take time (in most cases). So there will be no ranking promises, no fancy 'no rank no pay' packages, instead you'll have a team of experts dedicated to getting you results.

"JBE Digital has been nothing short of fabulous for our business!"

"We were originally with another SEO company, going nowhere - JBE showed us all the areas we weren't getting work done, and what we needed to excel..."

What's Involved in our SEO Services?

First an foremost, we will gain a full understanding of your business. Where you make your money, where you want to make your money or perhaps a new product you want to push.

From here we will audit your current situation, which will include:

Keyword Research

Identifying key phrases & words that have the greatest opportunity at your current position to target, and provide genuine interest and sales from qualified customers searching for your offering.

Technical Site Audit

Looking over the technical implementation of your website, to make sure everything is set up correctly for SEO success

On Page Audit

Making sure the key on-page requirements of SEO are correctly implemented on your website, everything from correct title tags, through to quality content and more.

Off Page Audit

Making sure you have a clean and spam free backline profile - we can help if you have had a bad experience, have been hacked or spammed.

User Experience Audit

Checking your website is correctly optimised for all devices from desktops, tablets, and mobile phones - and that key items like contact information are not hidden away.

Audit Findings & Tailored Solution

Looking over all the findings as per above, we'll put together a tailored plan & solution to help your achieve your goals with an SEO strategy.

If you're running a Google Ads account, we will often ask for access to this as the data can help with our SEO audit.

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