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Running your Yoga or Pilates Classes through Zoom? Or Still looking for a solution to keep your business alive?

If you run a Yoga or Pilates studio - you're effectively shut down right now, it sucks, we know. 

We've created a simple solution that allows you to maintain operational, keep your customers fit and healthy and life as 'normal' as it can be right now.

We've also taken all the manual work out of the process if you're current using Zoom, manually emailing customers, trying to figure out who/who hasn't paid...we've made it easy! 


Introducing Virtual Studio - your streaming service, booking & payment platform, and your solution to keeping your business alive.


Core Inclusion:

Your own branded Virtual Studio page

Complete with everything from your logo, colours, images, and content - send existing and new customers to book your online virtual studio classes completely representing your brand.

Setup under your own domain name, e.g. vs.businessname.com.au advertise and send your existing and potential clients to your own unique branded Virtual Studio page.

See virtual-class.jbedigital.com.au for our demo.

Core Inclusion:

Your own complete booking system

Schedule in classes each day or week at set times, and limit the number of attendees per class; allow your clients to book online and pay via credit card (Via Stripe) for each session and automatically send reminder notifications before they start.


Core Inclusion:

Track and visually see all your classes in 1 place

Have a single dashboard to see all your upcoming classes, clients/attendees as they signup. Use a CRM or EDM program for marketing? No stress! You can sync all your clients data to your preferred CRM or EDM program (e.g. Mailchimp, etc); and sync your Google Calendar directly with the booking system.


Core Inclusion:

Video by Zoom

Have up to 100 viewers per Zoom video call, mute everyone, or allow specific people to also speak; simply schedule your classes, Zoom will automatically create scheduled links/events, and send access details to attendees automatically, with confirmation email, 24 & 1 hour reminder before the class starts.

Then provide/conduct what you do best, by running your classes.